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Ellebasy Medicale Trading is a Filipino-owned pharmaceutical company that imports and distributes a wide array of generic medicines. Its founder, Mr. Jake M. Aguado, has been with several pharmaceutical companies – both multi-national and local – when he finally decided that he wanted to establish his own generic drugs trading company. He realized that only through this can he make sure that his vision for the Philippine Drug Industry will come to fruition. His guiding principle was his desire to distribute quality healthcare and make it more accessible to as many Filipinos as possible, through his channel partners.

In April 2010, Ellebasy Medicale Trading was born. The company started with just 5 products, namely Trimetazidine, Montelukast, Cefuroxime, Ceftrizime, and Omeprazole vial, serving only 6 accounts. Its only employee was the owner who acted as its sales, purchaser, finance, and logistics person.

By 2016, after a few short years since it was established, the husband and wife tandem of the Aguados has grown the company. It is now composed of 30 employees to support its daily operations.

From just 5 products, EMT’s product list has grown to more than 200. The list includes generic medicines for anti-infection, central nervous system, cardiovascular agents, gastro-intestinal, respiratory, genito-urinary, endocrine, vitamins and food supplements. EMT continuous to source for new products to further strengthen its product line up, thereby, helping manage more health-related concerns.

From 6, Ellebasy Medicale Trading is now serving more than 70 accounts either directly or through its business partners all over the Philippines. The company has also partnered with several big local pharmaceutical companies like Sanovis, Unipharma, Greencore, H&B and Triple Tact, to ensure that the EMT provides reliable but competitively priced generic drugs. Some of Ellebasy’s growing list of clientele include chain of drugstores such as Mercury Drug Corporation, The Generics Pharmacy and Generika.

EMT’s promise to its partners and clientele is not just good product but excellent service as well. It always tries to make sure that transactions made with them is hassle-free, through its support group. One of its main competitive advantage is its dedicated customer service team that prioritizes addressing customer concerns and delivering satisfaction. EMT prides itself of being customer-centric with its flexibility on product range, system and service.

In 5 years, the company is looking at expanding its operations to ethical division.


We aim to be a reliable partner in providing quality generic medicines that will benefit the Filipinos and the Philippine Drug Industry.


That every Filipino will have access to affordable quality healthcare, reducing deaths due to highly treatable diseases.


  • Private Hospitals
  • Government Hospitals
  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Drugstores
  • Doctors